Who are we ?

We are a team of professional hackers from all over the world, who evolved from the shadows of dark web a subset of deep web with hidden services, Our main motive is to provide you safe and secure professional hacking services.

7 Years

Having 7+ years of experience is what made us different from others, we work with roots of knowledge and skills in hacking field.


With more than 6000+ hackers around the world, who are willing to provide their professional hacking skills to people anywhere in the globe.

Safe and Secure

We offer safe and secure services, All our conversations runs through heavy encryption,We never and under no circumstances will reveal your identity to any third party.


We work 24 hours and 7 days a week to control world wide traffic, You may reach our customer support whenever you need us.

What do we offer

Facebook Account Hacking

Most requested

Facebook is the most widely used social network with over 2.20 billion people, It contains users personal conversations, photos and sensitive data.

How do we hack ?

Anonymity guaranteed

We require email address or mobile number linked with your target(victim)’s Facebook account, We will remove mobile authentication too, It will be anonymous and discrete. 

Smart Phone Hacking

Full device access

Now a days mobiles have became part of our bodies, It does have all the sensitive information , We will inject a undetectable mobile Trojan into your target device, It forward every  move to our servers.

Best Trojan from dark web

rooting not required

Very discrete and silent, It will be injected as system service which consumes very low battery and data, Therefore target won’t notice anything.

Computer Hacking

Backdoor access

We will create a mirror (virtual) replica of your target computer,No matter wherever your victim in this world, You can able to monitor their computer via our Remote Administration Access tool.

Admin Access


Remote Administration tool designed by our expert hackers and crypted by world’s finest crypters, which is undetectable by 99/100 Antivirus softwares. Send us your target computer IP address or personal details to proceed. 

Website Hacking

Database modification

Hack into website’s admin panel to modify data or deface website of your competitors. Hack your university website and modify grades as per your requirements.

Website admin access

Data changes

We will  start by scanning your target website for vulnerabilities, Which is also called as pentesting. Once we got the loop holes, we will star injecting our CODE SHELLS, Later Exploiting it to gain access. 

Email Hacking


We follow Brute Force or anonymous methods based on email service to crack the passwords, We regularly hack Gmail , Yahoo, Rediff, Yandex, Etc. Crack passwords of any email with the help of our hackers. 

Mobile authentication hack

Once we get the encrypted password, we will decrypt it with our high end servers, which runs at 1000’s of passwords per second, Once we get the access we will delete IP caches to remove Mobile Authentication.

Social Applications

full control

Gain access and control your victim’s social applications like Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Etc. Monitor anonymously with out alerting your target.

Live monitoring

Monitor Live and anonymously, Surf or store data from target applications or modify as per your requirements, We require email address linked with app or Mobile number or username.


  • Instagram Hacking
  • Twitter Hacking
  • Hotmail Hacking
  • Rediff mail Hacking
  • Yandex mail Hacking
  • Pinterest Hacking
  • YouTube channel Hacking
  • Blogger Hacking
  • WordPress Hacking
  • Skype Hacking
  • Software Hacking
  • Penetration test
  • Database dumping
  • Database editing
  • Database securing
  • Credit Fraud Recovering
  • Windows Hacking
  • WIFI Password Cracking
  • Skype Hacking
  • Software Hacking
  • Penetration test
  • Credit Score Fix
  • Cryptocurrency Theft
  • DDOS Attacking
  • Ethical Hacking Learning
  • Doxing
  • Man in the middle attack

How to Hire a Hacker


Submit Your Request

Send us your request via Contact us form. Fill in all the required fields. Make sure to use a valid email address and provide us with your target information. Our team will check your inquiry and respond as soon as possible.

 Feel Free to skip the Queue and visit our Hacker Shop for instant services.

Initiate Your Service Order

Once we review your request, Our team will contact you to discuss the case Possibilities, Time Frame and Pricing. We will quote you based on the target security and the available hacker. We will provide you with a variety of payment options to choose from.

Get Your Results

Your services will be delivered within the stated time-frame. We use anonymous and discreet methods to perform the hack. Our hackers will help you through the monitoring if required.

Interested in our services now?

Ultimate mobile phone spy

Manage Calls and Messages

View all incoming/outgoing calls with live recording feature, Review texts, iMessages, and multimedia files sent or received by your target.

Track GPS Location

Track the current GPS location of your target’s phone. Set alert zones like “ ex-home”, “work” or “Sara’s house”. Receive alerts each time your victim enters or leaves a zone.

Control Apps and Programs

View all installed applications, personalized via your Control Panel, Monitor newly downloaded apps including dating apps, whatsapp, Facebook messaging and more.

Supports All Devices

Compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, No jailbreak or rooting required, Undetectable and invisible mode.

Remote Installation

We provide you remote and discrete installation to your target device for some extra bucks, You  can Track and Control any Smartphone. Remotely and anonymously

Simple Control Panel

Use our simple yet powerful web control panel to monitor all activity from target device, Data will be routed through our anonymous servers, You don’t require any technical knowledge to use our web portal. 

Remote PC Monitoring


  • Learn the truth and put your mind at ease!
  • Records Absolutely EVERYTHING They Do with Full back door access
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Robust, Invisible Activity Recording
  • Remotely Uninstall & Change Settings

Designed and coded by our experienced professional hackers, No matter wherever in the world, we will provide remote installation via anonymous methods,  Runs in stealth mode and sends everything to our servers to your portal .


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can i hire a hacker from Hire an hacker?

You can hire a hacker from us by submitting a simple form with your requirements or contact us.

How long does it take to complete?

Hacking time completely depends on security of your target but in some cases we can able to complete in few hours or 1-2 days based on task priority.

How secure is our conversations?

All our conversations are encrypted in SHA-256, There will be no chance to interrupt and gather data from our side.

Is this untraceable and discrete?

All our services are anonymous and discrete, your victim won’t know anything about the hacking, we follow hard and silent methods to gain access.

How much does this cost?

It completely depends on hacker or service you selected.

How can i claim Refund?

In such cases we will transfer your case to our refunds department, They will study your case and provide you refund in 3-4 working days to original payment method

What details do i need to provide for hacking?

Anything related to target will be helpful and makes the process faster, However we need data based on the request you submitted, for an example if you want to hack facebook, You need to submit email address linked with account or username of the target account.

Do you accept Credit Card and PayPal ?

Due to some security reasons we don’t accept payments via credit cards and paypal, and they are precisely monitored by authorities and agencies.

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